5. What are the Benefits of these Improvements?

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Please refer to the VISUALIZATION VIDEO to see the Highways 6 and 401 Improvements.

The improvements will:

Efficient Link Icon

Provide a more efficient and continuous link for traffic between Hamilton and Guelph.

Manged Lanes Icon

Manage traffic congestion to provide driver benefits and reduce exhaust emissions.

Reduce Heavy Traffic Icon

Reduce heavy truck traffic and cars through the Morrison and Aberfoyle communities.

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Upgrade existing highway infrastructure.

Ride Sharing Icon

Promote ride sharing by expanding and upgrading the carpool lot.

Traffic Flow Icon

Improve traffic flow and ease congestion on the local network.

Align Plans Icon

Align with ongoing plans for the region.

Other benefits of the improvements will be:

  • improved provincial highway link between Hamilton and Guelph and to areas beyond
  • improved travel time and levels of service for traffic along Highway 6, Highway 401 and the Hanlon Expressway
  • improved highway safety by eliminating at-grade intersections and controlling access on Highway 6 South and Hanlon Expressway
Travel Time Icon

11 minute reduction in time travel

Saved Trave Time Icon

$1.1 Billion saved in travel time from project construction to 2041

Reduced Emssions Icon

29 tonnes of reduced network emissions during worst hour of the day

Fuel Consumption Icon

$33 Million estimated annual fuel consumption savings

Intersections Icon

8 intersections avoided along the new Highway 6 alignment

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