7. Improvements will Improve Traffic Flow and Ease Congestions

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The improvements will also improve traffic flow and ease congestion on local roads while reducing car and heavy truck traffic through the Morriston and Aberfoyle communities.

Additional improvements:

  • provides easier access for business, residences and developments
  • improves local traffic flow
  • improves pedestrian safety by reducing traffic volumes
  • reduces noise and vibration for residences and business owners
Photo showing an example of traffic conditions on Brock Road South
Photo showing traffic stopped at traffic signals at Queen Street and Calfass Road in Morriston.
  • Up to 90% reduction in traffic on Queen Street
  • Up to 50% reduction in traffic on Brock Street
  • UP to 65% reduction in traffic at the Calfass Road/ Queen Street intersection
  • Up to 85% reduction in traffic at the Leslie Road/ Queen Street and Concession Road 1/ Queen Street intersections

Please refer to the below traffic animation through Morriston and Aberfoyle communities.

Morriston Community Traffic Simulation

Aberfoyle Community Traffic Simulation

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