8. Improvements will upgrade the Existing Highway Infrastructure

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The improvements will upgrade the existing highway infrastructure:

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  • 24 lane kilometres of new highway will be constructed along Highway 6**
  • 28 kilometeres of lane capacity will be added to Highway 401**
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  • 9 new bridges will be constructed
  • 3 replacement bridges
    • Brock Road
    • Concession Road 7 (completed)
    • Hanlon Expressway and Highway 401
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By 2041, Ontario's population is expected to grow by 30%, placing additional importance on having modern infrastructure to support a growing population.

** A lane kilometre is defined as a kilometre long segment of roadway that is a single lane in width (for example, a one kilometer stretch of a standard two-lane road represents two lane-km)

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The improvements will provide an expanded and upgraded carpool lot in Morriston:

  • Provides more parking spaces which encourages carpooling and reduces capacity issues
  • Improves safety for commuters by providing improved layout and night-time lighting
  • Enhances access for commuters due to reduced traffic congestion through Morriston
Existing Carpool Lot in Morriston.
Example of a Modern Carpool Lot.
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