13. Design Refinements – South of Highway 401 Highway 6/ Maddaugh Road Intersection

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The approved Highway 6 and Maddaugh Road intersection configuration was reviewed for opportunities to:

  • Provide a higher-order connection between Hamilton and Puslinch;
  • Improve intersection geometrics and sight distances; and,
  • Reduce impacts to wetlands and other environmental features.

The following alternatives were evaluated:

  • EA Approved Alternative (carried forward)
  • Alternative M1 – New Highway 6 Intersection Realignment (not carried forward)
  • Alternative M2 – Highway 6 Intersection and Roundabout on Maddaugh (carried forward)
  • Alternative M3 – Refined EA Alternative with Jogged Intersection (not carried forward)
  • Alternative M4 – Highway 6 Intersection and Maddaugh Road Realignment (not carried forward)
  • Alternative M5 – Highway 6 Intersection and Maddaugh Road Realignment (carried forward)

The Alternatives were evaluated based on the criteria in the table below:

Evaluation Component:

Transportation and Cost Considerations

Key Evaluation Criteria:

  • Traffic Operations
  • Geometrics
  • Connection to Morriston Business Area
  • Signage Complexity
  • Compatibility with Future Grade Separation
  • Cost

Evaluation Component:

Natural, Socio-Economic, and Cultural Environments

Key Evaluation Criteria:

  • Terrestrial Ecosystems / Fish and Fish Habitat
  • Property Requirements
  • Community Effects
  • Wetlands
Approved EA Configuration Image.
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