15. Design Refinements – North of Highway 401 New Wellington Road 34 Midblock Interchange and Concession Road 7 Improvements

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  • Additional improvements to Concession Road 7 to provide a fully paved connection with improved roadway geometry from Wellington Road 34 to Maltby Road.
  • Concession Road 7 will be realigned to the east to avoid impacts to the hydro towers and provide a new crossing of the Galt/Mill Creek.
  • Existing roadway platforms on Wellington Road 34 and Concession 7 south of WR 34 are narrow. The need for turning lanes and associated minor platform widening on new intersection approaches to provide safe intersection operation are being reviewed.
  • Minor additional property required for above refinements.

Highway Access Management is the process that manages entrances to Provincial Highways and to roads in the vicinity of a Provincial Highway within the MTO’s permit control area. Proponents of land use development should contact MTO early in their planning and development processes to ensure Highway Access Management is considered.

Please refer to the roll plan for the Recommended Plan

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