22. Environmental Impacts and Mitigation

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Areas of impact are being confirmed and environmental investigations are ongoing. The final detailed design will include commitments to avoid and/or mitigate environmental impacts and will be documented in future design and construction reports.

Environmental mitigation measures will be developed to:

Mitigation Measures - Footprint Icon

Minimize footprint impacts to forested areas; Construction equipment and materials shall not enter forest outside of defined construction area.

Mitigation Measures - Fish Icon

Minimize impacts to fish habitat and watercourse crossings; Construction to avoid fish migration periods.

Mitigation Measures - Groundwater Icon

Minimize impacts to the shallow groundwater table; Construction to include monitoring of nearby wells.

Mitigation Measures - Erosion Icon

Minimize erosion and exposed ground surface; Design to minimize disturbed areas and construction to include erosion and sediment control measures.

Mitigation Measures - Stormwater Icon

Minimize stormwater highway runoff; Design to provide storm water management features.

Mitigation Measures - Noise Icon

Minimize impacts to noise and air quality; Noise and dust emissions shall be limited during construction.

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