14. Environmental Studies

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The following environmental studies have been conducted or are currently ongoing for the Highway 6 / Hanlon Expressway Midblock Interchange :

  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Existing Conditions and Impact Assessment;
  • Fish and Fish Habitat Existing Conditions and Impact Assessment;
  • Groundwater Study;
  • Traffic Noise Assessment;
  • Air Quality Impact Assessment;
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment: Built Heritage Resources and Cultural Heritage Landscapes;
  • Archaeological Assessment; and
  • Socio-Economic, Designated Area and Land Use Factors Study.

Please refer to the link below at the Project website to access the preliminary impact assessment reports:


Impacts and mitigation measures will be confirmed by the Design-Build Contractor based on the final design. These commitments to avoid and / or mitigate environmental impacts will be documented in Design and Construction Report(s) during the Design-Build contract.

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