6. Project Overview

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  • A new interchange on the Hanlon Expressway north of Wellington Road 34 including a new road to connect the interchange to Concession Road 7 and to Wellington Road 34.
  • Removal of the signalized intersection on the Hanlon Expressway at Wellington Road 34 and the addition of a new bridge over the Hanlon Expressway for Wellington Road 34 traffic.
  • Reconstruction of Concession Road 7 between Wellington Road 34 and Maltby Road.
  • Closure of the Maltby Road / Concession Road 4 intersection with the Hanlon Expressway.
  • A new roundabout at the Wellington Road 34 / Concession Road 7 intersection.
  • Installation of new overhead sign structures, traffic signals and partial illumination.
  • Emergency and maintenance vehicle turnarounds along the Hanlon Expressway (one north of Maltby Road and one south of Wellington Road 34).
  • Drainage improvements such as infiltration ponds for stormwater management.
  • Relocation of utilities.

Please refer to the roll plan for additional details:

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