3. The Purpose of this Public Information Centre

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To present and receive input on the following:

  • Review of the study process;
  • Overview of the Design-Build Ready design;
  • Summary of refinements to the Concept Design/ Preliminary Design previously presented at the Public Information Centre for Highways 6 and 401 Improvements from Hamilton to Guelph held virtually February 24 - March 10, 2021;
  • Review of key concerns on the Highway 6 / Hanlon Expressway Midblock Interchange from previous online Public Information Centre for Highways 6 and 401 Improvements (February 24 - March 10, 2021), and how they have been considered throughout this study;
  • Report on the environmental investigation findings; and
  • Next steps for the Project.

What are Design-Build and Design-Build Ready?

Design-Build is an alternative contract delivery model where a contractor is selected to complete the final design of the project, obtain outstanding permits and approvals (including environmental assessment approvals) and then undertake construction of the project.

Design-Build Ready is the process undertaken in preparation for Design-Build. During Design-Build Ready, Ministry of Transportation and the consultant (the Project Team) prepare the beginning of detailed design, assess preliminary impacts and develop commitments that will be required by the contractor during Design-Build (completion of detailed design and construction).

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