22. Environmental Permits and Approvals

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Governing Authority: Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP)

  • Legislation: Endangered Species Act (2007)

    • Permit: Overall Benefit Permit*: This permit is for potential impacts on SAR bat habitat within the Study Area.
    • Permit: Notice of Activity*: Registration of the Project works and completion of mitigation plan and habitat compensation plan prior to the removal of SAR bird habitat.
  • Legislation: Ontario Water Resources Act (1990) and Ontario Regulation 63/16

    • Permit: Water Taking Approval: Water taking from aquifers, especially large volume and long-term water taking can potentially impact the quantity and quality of groundwater by lowering the groundwater tables and changing the flow patterns and flow rates. MECP requires groundwater or surface water users who are taking volumes of water greater than 400m3 / day to obtain a Category 3 Permit to Take Water (PTTW).  

Governing Authority: Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)

  • Legislation: Federal Fisheries Act (1985)

    • Permit: Fisheries Act Approval*: Review of the Project under the Fisheries Act due to the potential impacts on fish and fish habitat is required. 

Governing Authority: Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI)​ 

  • Legislation: Ontario Heritage Act (1990)

    • Permit: Archaeological Concurrence*:  Review of archaeological assessment reporting and acceptance in the public registry is required prior to the disturbance to soils. This work is ongoing by the Project Team.

*Regulatory agencies have been consulted as part of Design-Build Ready phase to initiate approvals process.

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